Founded in November 2020, Virgoan Wish Productions offer a unique solution to your production needs by being able to Produce or Co-Produce, the entire project, part of it or simply offer our specific areas of expertise in your productions. Through various collaborations we become a complete video production team with offices in Los Angeles, California and Malmö & Stockholm, Sweden. Lena Hermansson, in collaboration with Peter Cederquist  and Jeffery Richt specialize in branded content and Corporate- & Social Media Films for new and established brands.

Virgoan Wish Productions is currently in Pre-Production on a short Proof of Concept film in Los Angeles together with Producing Partners;

Sile Bermingham and Susan Dynner.


A lonely woman's unlikely friendship with a runaway teen,

turns sinister.


Scheduled to shoot in Los Angeles as soon as we've secured the funds.

Open to investors.


Click link to view Pitch Deck:

IRIS POSTER_edited.jpg